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This book deals with a great reality which everyone experiences whether they will it or not: “Everything that constitutes our life is a totality of perceptions received by our soul. Matter that Allah has created exists outside, yet we only face the image of the matter in our brain. We have no direct experience with the original of the matter that is outside.  Our world and the people in it, the places and events are just like a dream perceived only in our brain. But we never have any connection to the original of the external world…”

Everyone who rids himself of the preconceptions and prejudices that he has acquired since his childhood and approaches this subject reasonably will understand this great reality.

The subject is treated in this book by means of conversations conducted among four people. In this way, the prejudices that prevent understanding are removed and the errors that people fall into are explained.

While you read the book, you will think along with these four people and, with them you will concentrate on this great reality that you experience. So, in contrast to those who ignore this extraordinary reality in which they find themselves at every moment, and live their lives in self-deception and heedlessness, you will know this great secret. Don't forget that this reality is a great knowledge that will be the means to understanding the existence of Allah (God), His eternal power and the closeness of the Hereafter.

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